Baseball star Roger Clemens takes over the ABC-13 microphone

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Baseball star Roger Clemens took over the ABC-13 microphone after his son Kody Clemens signed with the University of Texas Wednesday morning at Memorial High School.

The controversial former baseball player interviewed his wife, his sons' high school coach and two of his four sons, including Koby Clemens, the older Clemens son who also signed with the University of Texas before he became part of the Houston Astros.

Asked about his brother Kody continuing the family tradition, Koby Clemens said to his father, "I couldn't be prouder of him. The kid's got a great swing. It's just going to be fun to continue watching him play."

Roger Clemens also interviewed Kody on his big day, asking his son, "What (are) your thoughts and feelings on today and having Channel 13 here?"

Kody replied, "It's just a crazy experience. You know, everyone here just makes the day 10 times better and it's just looking forward to the next four years."

Roger Clemens said, "Right now you have -- obviously, your grades are very important this time of year to be able to stay ready for the upcoming baseball season. What do you expecting out of your senior year now that Memorial is in a different district coming up?"

Kody said, "We're just going to go out there and go 100 percent and try and win district and the next step is state."

Roger Clemens, joking with his son, pressed the matter further. He said, "Well, let's take away the cliches and really give me an answer -- what do you feel like about joining your brother Kacy (at the University of Texas) and having the opportunity to not only study at Texas, but having an opportunity to get back to Omaha (to the College World Series), which is the reason why we're going -- we need to get back to Omaha."

Kody said, "Right, going to be playing with Kacy is going to be an awesome experience, again, just like I said, and you know, here we go."

Watch the video above for the Clemens' full interviews.
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