How you can cash in on the World Series in Houston

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Wednesday, October 23, 2019
How to cash in during the World Series
Check out the essentials you must provide guests on their website, snap a few good pictures of your place and list it.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Between $6 million and $9 million are expected to pour into Houston for every World Series game played at Minute Maid Park.

About 90 percent of the fans attending the games are expected to be locals, vice president of research for the Greater Houston Partnership comma Patrick Jankowski."

"We will see people come in from Washington," Jankowski said. "We will see them come in from central Texas. We will even see them come in from Dallas."

Many people are looking for a place to stay in downtown for the games.

Mila Bahamolski, owner of Hostkeyper, said most of the Airbnb properties she manages are rented out.

"People are going to come into Houston from out of town," Bahamolski said. "People who live in Houston, who don't live in downtown, want to come and be close to downtown."

She said people who live downtown should consider listing their homes on Airbnb to earn some extra cash.

"It is a little bit intimidating to put your place on Airbnb, but it's really easy," Bahamolski said.

If you're interested in listing your home on Airbnb, simply snap a few good pictures and begin the process.

You can also list your car for rental on Turo or rent out your pool on Swimply so out of town fans can have something to do between the first two games.

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