Boston Red Sox make history as first team to hit three grand slams in postseason series

ByJoon Lee ESPN logo
Tuesday, October 19, 2021

BOSTON -- The 2021Red Soxare turning Boston into Slam City.

The Red Sox padded their lead against theHouston Astrosin Game 3 of the American League Championship Series with aKyle Schwarberhomer that scoredChristian Arroyo,Alex VerdugoandJ.D. Martinezto put Boston up 6-0 in the second inning.

Schwarber's grand slam was Boston's third of the postseason and the series, making the Red Sox the first team since the 1998Atlanta Bravesto hit three in a postseason -- and the first to do so in a single series.

"You are trying to get at least one, and not going up there thinking home run," Schwarber said. "That could turn into a pop-up or something like that, so just tyring to not be late. You know a heater is coming there, and just go from there."

Prior to the playoffs, Boston had only three grand slams throughout the whole regular season.

Schwarber said the cheers from Fenway Park provided a memory he won't soon forget.

"These are the moments that you are never going to forget as a player," Schwarber said. "This is what we live for. We live to be in the postseason. When you get that first taste, that first experience, you want to keep coming. You want more. It's an addicting feeling, and especially where it's just rocking the whole time and it's rowdy."

Monday night also marked the first time the Red Sox hit three grand slams in a two-game span, with the last team to accomplish the feat being theNew York Yankeesin August 2011.

The Red Sox have hit 18 homers in eight games this postseason. The only team with more homers through the first eight games of a postseason was the 2004 Astros.

Monday's grand slam registered as the second time in Schwarber's career that he homered against three different opponents in a single postseason, with the first time coming in 2015.

Boston now has 10 hits in six consecutive games, the longest streak within a postseason all-time.

While Schwarber boasts a resumé featuring many memorable postseason moments, his grand slam from Monday will stick out from the bunch.

"That gave me a headache, and I loved it," Schwarber said. "I loved every second of it."

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