Fire crews use wrecker to rescue 1,500 lb cow from swimming pool

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK -- It was an unusual sighting for a homeowner in Oklahoma.

A nearly 1,500 pound cow was found in a swimming pool of a home in Oklahoma City.

According to the Oklahoma City Fire Department, the homeowner was sipping on his morning coffee Sunday when he heard a "snorting" coming from the pool area, so he called 911.

Police and fire crews arrived to find a cow stuck in the pool.

"They contemplated trying to get the animal out by tying a rope around its neck and assisting it," the Oklahoma City Fire Department wrote on its Facebook page. "At nearly 1,500 lbs, this would not work, and the crew did not want to injure the cow in any way."

A wrecker seemed like the best option. Fire crews used fire pumps to take some water out of the pool to reduce the risk of hypothermia for the cow.

Once the wrecker arrived to the home, firefighters use tow straps to hoist the cow up and out of the pool.

This bizarre story fortunately has a happy ending. The cow is doing just fine.

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