Video captures woman's use of racial slurs towards bus passengers

ORANGETOWN, New York -- A passenger aboard a New York bus shared a video that captured a woman going off on a racist rant.

Anne Messiano, 57, was arrested, for a second time, in New York for disorderly conduct immediately after the ride.

Vladamir, who recorded the incident, said Messiano's rant had some passengers scared.

"Some people were scared, especially the elderly people," Vladamir told WPIX.

Vladamir said no one provoked Messiano and that she started arguing with the bus driver as soon as she got on the bus.

Once aboard, Messiano allegedly lashed out at everyone else, using racial slurs for Latinos and African Americans again and again.

"First of all, mother (bleep), in this country we have what's called First Amendment rights, ok? I can say whatever the (bleep) I want," Messiano is heard yelling in the video.

She then asked Vladamir if he was taping her and attempted to knock his phone out of his hands.

"She tried to knock the phone out of my hand and she started choking me at one point," Vladimir said.

The bus driver then called Orangetown police.

Messiano became combative after she was kicked off the bus and was arrested for disorderly conduct with the police officers.

Investigators told WPIX they had spoken with Vladamir and Messiano could face more charges for what happened during that bus ride.