Make-A-Wish grants a student's wish to meet Weird Al Yankovic

MERCED, CA -- The Make-A-Wish foundation makes one high school freshman's dream of meeting her favorite celebrity come true.

Mina Lopez was cheered on by friends and high school staff as she got her wish granted by the foundation.

Her wish? To meet Weird Al Yankovic!

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Lopez was diagnosed with leukemia a year and a half ago.

She's finished chemotherapy and is currently undergoing several steroid treatments.

The Make-A-Wish foundation said they are hoping this takes her mind off of all treatments and doctor visits.

Lopez, along with her mom and dad, will take a limo to San Francisco this weekend where she will have a one on one with Yankovic himself.

"I chose Weird Al as my wish because me and my mom have been listening to him since before I was born," said Lopez.

Lopez also received a special recognition from the city and gifts from friends. Her favorite Yankovic song is "White and Nerdy".
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