Stripes stores sell out quick of Selena-themed cups

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Stripes may have underestimated the amount of Selena fans here in Houston because apparently, their limited edition cups have sold out in Houston. And fans are not happy about it.

Stripes Stores made a big announcement for the Tejano star's fans when they said they would start selling commemorative Selena cups at stores in select Texas cities starting in March.

Selena's family worked with the chain to design the cup, which comes in two different looks. Proceeds from the sales go to the Selena Foundation.

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On Wednesday, Stripes shared a photo on its Facebook page of the cups announcing that the limited edition item would be available at all participating locations - Corpus Christi, Houston, San Antonio, Laredo, Odessa, Midland and the Rio Grande Valley.

That quickly set off some upset customers in Houston and others across Texas who were unable to find any at the stores.

"None left in Houston. Some stores I called even admitted to selling out days ago. Very disappointed in the way this was handled and now to find out that they are selling on eBay for 10 times the retail price is just greedy," Adrian M. wrote.

"My dad and I visited over a dozen stores in Houston in search of these to be told they either never received any, didn't know what we were talking about, or sold out before today's release date," Kristen M. wrote.

Stripes was quick to respond to the complaints telling people to private message them and promote the company's Selena cup sweepstakes.

"Houston Stripes store #1002 sold out. Their excuse was their employees bought them first," Bonnie C. claims.

Stripes sent ABC13 a statement about the Houston locations selling out of the commemorative cups.

"We know how excited Selena fans and Stripes guests were for these cups and we saw an overwhelming response. Our stores in Houston did sell out fairly quickly, but there are more opportunities for our guests to get the cups," Jeamy Molina said.

Besides the angry Houston customers, the Facebook post thread became flooded by angry San Antonio-area residents, saying that the stores there never received the cups. Their Facebook post originally included San Antonio as a participating location, but a Stripes representative said the five stores did not receive the cups as planned.

"So upset none of the San Antonio stores received shipment," Amanda I. wrote.

"I went to a location in San Antonio and they said no stores in San Antonio received cups. How disappointing," Mazi M. wrote.

Stripes said that they didn't have additional inventory to send to San Antonio.

The complaints went on and on in the Facebook post. And unfortunately, if you weren't one of the lucky ones who were able to get a cup, then you'll have to depend on the company's Selena cup giveaway that started today. Stripes told ABC13 that since the items are a limited edition, they will not be restocking at the participating locations.

There's no word if any of the other stores in Texas have sold out, so if you know someone in those areas, you may want to give them a call to check their nearby Stripes store. null
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