Sad update to story of two young friends battling cancer

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Earlier this month, we brought you the story of two young friends who bravely battled cancer together. On Wednesday, we got the very sad news that one of them passed away.

Ava Garcia, 4, was diagnosed last August with cancer of the kidneys. Right next door to her at Texas Children's Hospital was three-year-old Penny Smith. The two became good friends, playing together and even getting treatment together. They were inseparable.

And while Ava's cancer went into remission, Penny's family got the news that she didn't have much time left. While Penny was in hospice care at her north side home, Ava was a regular visitor.

Then on Wednesday morning, Penny passed away.

Ava's mom, Christina Garcia, now says her daughter has "the best guardian angel."

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