Passenger sneaks snake on a plane

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTRK) -- A snake was found on a plane. No. We're not talking about a movie. This really did happen.

Airline officials said a passenger on a previous flight snuck the snake on the plane through his carry-on bag.

The snake is about 4 to 5-feet long, and unlike the movie, it was not venomous.

BBC reports that the pilot made an announcement about the snake.

"Guys, we have some loose snake on the plane, but we don't know where it is," the pilot said.

Officials say that when the passenger got off the plane, the snake did not. It somehow escaped.

The snake was later found Sunday on a return flight to Anchorage, Alaska.

A flight attendant grabbed it by its belly and dropped it into a plastic trash bag.

The snake spent the rest of the flight in an overhead storage bin.

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