Alleged victim reacts to Katy ISD superintendent's first comments on bullying allegations

KATY, Texas (KTRK) -- Katy ISD superintendent Dr. Lance Hindt made his first public statement since a man alleged he was a school bully at last week's school board meeting.

Greg Gay, the man who made the original accusations, says he is disappointed he didn't get an apology.

A media storm hit Katy ISD last week after Gay described horrific allegations of abuse against Hindt, including an incident in the 70's in which the now superintendent allegedly put Gay's head in a urinal.

"I was bullied," Gay said. "Unbelievably bullied."

Now, more than 40 years later, Hindt addressed the accusations at Monday night's board meeting.

"Please know my reaction, this past Monday night, was one of shock," Dr. Hindt expressed, in regards to the bullying allegations made against him. "I recognize that I am not a perfect person, I don't think anybody in here really is. I do recognize that well. I understand the perception, please know my reaction this past Monday night was one of shock and wasn't one of disrespect or insensitivity."

Witness backs up bullying allegations against Katy ISD superintendent
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Witness confirms Katy ISD Superintendent was a bully

There were loud cheers from parents and supporters after Hindt said the situation gave school leaders the chance to look at doing more to erase the bullying problem within Katy ISD.

"Only one person will judge me," Hindt said. "That is God, my Lord and savior. That's who judges me."

Katy ISD superintendent accused of being a student bully
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Katy ISD superintendent accused of being a student bully

"I felt like he's basically calling me a liar," Gay said. "I am disappointed by this, by him denying that it ever happened at all."

Gay said Hindt will have to answer one day for the unsettling allegations. He also has a message for those students facing a bully.

"Don't get... don't give up, keep plugging along," Gay said. "Tell somebody, tell your parents, tell somebody, tell your teachers."
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