Mother and daughter separated at U.S. Border reunite nearly 2 months later

Almost two months after being separated from her daughter, a Guatemalan immigrant had a tearful reunion with her little girl in Boston.

Angelica Gonzalez-Garcia's family was separated on May 11 and taken to shelters in different states after illegally crossing the U.S. Border into Arizona.

Gonzalez-Garcia said she had a moment in which she thought she would never see her daughter again because of what they (authorities) told her when they took her.

"But I would get on my knees every morning and pray to God, while I was detained, too, and I would pray with all my heart," she said.

Gonzalez-Garcia said she filed an asylum claim and was released on bond on June 19 but still had not seen her daughter in weeks.

The ACLU then helped her file a lawsuit that describes "unmitigated cruelty" and claims that an officer told Gonzalez-Garcia "Happy Mother's Day" after saying her daughter would be taken away and she would never see her again.

Gonzalez-Garcia told CNN her daughter described being hurt by another child and getting sick while in the government's custody.

"I would spend time thinking about how long it would be," she said. "I wanted to go where she was, even if just to see her from a distance."

It was a bittersweet belated birthday gift as her little girl turned eight while in a Texas shelter.

"She's the reason I'm here," Gonzalez-Garcia said. "Looking for a better life for her and myself."

Since being released, Gonzalez-Garcia and her daughter live in Massachusetts, where she says she's built a support system.

Gonzales-Garcia was never charged for illegal entry. It was part of president's Zero Tolerance policy.

Her legal team certainly hopes that this will help them as they continue to secure asylum for both her and her 8-year-old little girl.