#ImAlreadyHome: Immigrants tell rich stories of the American dream

Friday, January 27, 2017
Marlene's story of why #ImAlreadyHome
Marlene says her dad's immigration to the U.S. helped pave the way for his daughters to get a college education.

For people of Latin heritage and immigrants living within the U.S., tensions run high these days.

With talk about border walls and concerns of harassment, their chief concern is clear: How can you prove immigrants here are already making America great?

Even more important, perhaps: how to stop a chorus of voices telling them to "go back home," when America is the only home they've ever known.

A trending hashtag hopes to speak to both points, as Latin Americans are telling their stories using #ImAlreadyHome on Twitter.

They're sharing important anecdotes of personal growth and incredible triumphs in the face of adversity.

Many of these tales talk about the importance of assimilation into the American culture, while maintaining their pride as Latinos.

Pattie's story about her father is compelling: An immigrant who came to America to give his children a better life, and in the process, became a defender of its values.

Still, others talk about how important education became for their families, whether they were born in the U.S. or immigrated here.

There's Levi's story, who says his parents overcame overwhelming odds in pursuit of learning.

Others are sharing how undocumented family members could be affected by proposals by President Trump and his Cabinet nominees.

And it's not just Latino immigrants reflecting on their own American dreams.

Irish immigrant Sarnata Reynolds shared a beautiful image of herself, her Chilean-born husband, and their young children they call 'Chirish.' She also says she's already home in the U.S.

There's also the story of Nanette Fabros's grandfather, a Filipino immigrant who served in the Navy and was awarded a Purple Heart.

A great many story like Fabros's are a reminder that many who serve come from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds.

And yet, still, others are using the social media conversation to express their attitudes about immigration and immigrants here in the United States illegally.

These are just some of the stories being told.

Only time will tell exactly where they will go from here.