Groom and bride-to-be fight back after wedding packages go missing

WEST VALLEY CITY, UT (KTRK) -- A thief threw a wrench in a couple's wedding preparations in West Valley City, Utah, stealing packages right off the couple's front porch.

Local ABC News affiliate KTVX reports Frank Palraj and his fiancee were waiting on a number of packages -- including his wedding suit and some bridesmaid shoes -- for their Valentine's Day nuptials in Hawaii when they learned some of their packages had arrived at their home. However, when they didn't find them on their front stoop, they checked their surveillance cameras and learned a woman had lifted several large packages right off their porch in broad daylight.

After posting the video to social media, Frank Palraj, the victim groom-to-be, says it was viewed 80,000 times in just 13 hours.

A tipster led police to 34-year-old Amanda Johnson, who is now charged with third-degree felony theft.

Palraj said, "She told police she was bored and jealous. Bored? That's just stupid. And jealous? She doesn't even know me."

Palraj said he called Nordstrom about his suit and learned that it had been returned for cash.

Palraj said, "They don't usually prosecute, but they have enough evidence in this case that they will go after it. And it's a senseless crime to me."

According to police, returning stolen items is pretty common for crooks.

Roxeanne Vianuku, of the West Valley City Police, said, "People are just looking for a little bit of quick cash. If what's in that box ends up being worthless to them, they're not out anything, you are."

But Palraj said new wedding items are on the way and he's looking forward to his wedding. He said, "I'm looking forward to nice weather, a nice good time, and spending the rest of my life with the woman I love."
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