Cypress-area "Free Little Libraries" mysteriously wiped clean of books

CYPRESS, Texas (KTRK) -- Who would steal books from a neighborhood library?

That's the question one Cypress-area woman has after she discovered the shelves of the "Little Free Libraries" were missing the most important component, books.

For 3 years now, Sara Farris has had a "Little Free Library" outside of her home.

Farris says the library is a way for people in the neighborhood to leave books or just come grab a book they're interested in.

She is used to the shelves being stocked, but last week she stopped by and it was empty, something she says she'd never seen.

Just one day earlier she says it was packed with almost 30 books.

What really stood out to Farris upon a little investigation was that the other nearby "Little Free Libraries" had also been swiped clean.

"Someone's taking them to sell in garage sales, or they're taking them to sell at half price books," Farris assumed.

She admits it's not serious, but points out it's the simple principle, don't take advantage of one trying to give back.

"If they're coming through routinely and cleaning out libraries that are intended for wider audience, then nobody will participate in them anymore, that'll kill it for everybody"

Now, she has a message for the thieves.

"Stop doing that, read one of the books that you're taking."

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