World's first ever 'cuddle convention' set for valentine's day

PORTLAND, OR (KTRK) -- Many singles will opt out of spending Valentine's Day alone this Saturday and spend the day with a complete stranger instead.

More than 100 people are set to attend an event in Portland, Oregon called Cuddle Con, CNN reports.

"I hated Valentine's Day, and now I am looking forward to it. I am hoping to cuddle non-stop," said Kimberly Jensen, 47.

Professional cuddler Samantha Hess is the brains behind what's being called the world's first ever cuddle convention. She's also the founder of a business that provides platonic love and acceptance through cuddle sessions called Cuddle Up To Me.

Hess thought of the business idea when she saw a picture on Facebook of a man offering free hugs.

"Just because I don't have someone in my life doesn't mean I don't deserve affection and touch," Hess said.

Cuddle Con will be a 12-hour convention that allows people to enjoy platonic, non-sexual touch. Participants will start with a crash course in consent making sure everyone feels safe and comfortable.

The event will also feature several events like partner yoga, pillow fights, dance lessons, massage classes and more.

Getting that close to a complete stranger may seem odd, but Hess says it's all about a person's perception. She says she hopes the convention will help people see the positives of platonic touch.

"I think we all struggle with the concept of being good enough," Hess said. "People think 'I have to lose 50 pounds so I can start dating.' No, you don't. You are good enough right now." null
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