Brothers prank call Fulshear Police Department 25 times

FULSHEAR, Texas (KTRK) -- Summer is one of the most long-awaited times of the year for children.

As parents, we all know that excitement wears off within the first couple of weeks due to extreme boredom.

However, two elementary-age brothers figured out a way to occupy themselves for a little while.

The brothers proceeded to call the Fulshear Police Department 25 times trying to send them to faulty addresses.

But the fun didn't last for long. When mom found out, she tried her best to correct the situation.

With heads held down and sad faces, the brothers walked into the police department with apology letters in hand. After both of the boys explained why they prank called the station, they both explained how much they didn't want to go to jail.

One letter read, "I will do anything to get out of jail if you send me there. I promise not to do it again, I want to stay home."

Police officers immediately accepted their apology letters and thanked their mother for bringing the boys to the station.

The response on Facebook has been positive as well. Most people commended the mom for making the boys apologize.

"Now that is an example of true, hands-on parenting! Love it... Nothing like strict rules and discipline! Kudos!" wrote one commenter.

Another wrote, "Teach them accountability young and they'll hold themselves accountable when older."

At the end of the day, the boys walked away with a smile and a lesson learned.

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