The body language tips you need to know to elevate your flirt game

If you're looking to up your flirt game, there's one thing you must be able to do: read your partner's body language.

How your partner holds him or herself reveals a wealth of knowledge about how well your romantic overtures are going to turn out, so heed these tips from body language expert Jan Hargrave.

According to Hargrave, women who are interested in their partner slightly bite their bottom lip, flick or smooth their hair and purposely expose their wrists.

Men, on the other hand, straighten their shirt, button and unbutton their jacket and make shows of force (think crushing an aluminum can) to indicated interest.

If she's just not that into you, she'll cross her arms, touch her left eye and ear and clench her fist.

A disinterested man will slouch, drum on the table or clasp his hands behind his head to communicate indifference.

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