Beware: December 11 is the biggest break-up day of the year

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Sunday, December 11, 2016
December 11th is the biggest break-up day of the year
Sunday, Dec. 11 is the date couples are most likely to breakup.

'Tis the season to be dumped.

Yes, you read that right. Christmas is a time for joy, festive cheer and cuddling by the fire- right? Well yes, but it can also be a time for heartbreak.

Just in case you thought you were guaranteed a kiss with your partner under the mistletoe or as the clock strikes 12 on New Year's, you might just want to put the smugness on ice until next Monday.

Sunday, Dec. 11 is the date couples are most likely to breakup. Digital statisticians looked at data from Facebook, analyzing thousands of messages looking for signs of a break up.

From their investigations, they deduced that the peak break-up periods around the holidays fall a nice two weeks before Christmas Day.


The reasons for the breakups vary. For some, the idea of spending the festive period with someone they're having doubts about brings a wave of dread. For new couples, many decide that they don't want to bring their new date home to meet the parents or they don't want to meet yours.

For the thrifty, some realize that they're new partner is not worth spending on.

Psychologist Dr. Dorree Lynn told ABC News: "If you're not sure, particularly if you haven't been dating for several years, a lot of people have issues about gift giving and how intimate the gift giving is."

"They get frightened because they don't want to put pressure on the other person, but on the other hand they don't want to feel like a fool giving something and not getting anything back."

According to the study, if you make it past the 11th, then you are in the clear. That is, until your boyfriend forgets Valentines Day.