94-year-old veteran almost threw away winning lottery ticket

94-year-old William Bowker, an Air Force veteran who lives in Oregon, almost missed out on his chance to be a millionaire.

KTVZ reports Bowker plays the lottery often, and his granddaughter came by to check his latest ticket.

She mistakenly thought it was a Mega Millons ticket, when instead, it was Megabucks.

Before Bowker tossed it out, he double-checked, and to his amazement, he hit on all the winning numbers.

Bowker won the jackpot of $6.5 million, leaving him with $2.2 million of the bulk sum after taxes.

Bowker says at 94, he has what he needs, but he's thrilled to be able to help his family.

The Oregon store where he bought the ticket gets $65,000 for selling the winning ticket.