8th Wonder Brewery's secret ingredient is a passionate staff

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- You could say one of the perks of working for a brewery is tasting the beers, but it's not an easy day at the office if you're working behind the scenes. 8th Wonder Brewery team members tell us in any given day, it's a lot of sweat and heavy lifting, trial and error, and science.

"A lot of people don't realize that," explained taproom manager Jason Davies. "They just see it pouring from a tap, and they don't think how much goes in getting it to that tap."

"There's a lot of science and consistency that we need to be able to make the same quality product over and over again," said head brewer Jason Sheehy.

Lab manager, Sarah Umrigar, holds a master's degree in food science specializing in sensory science. Having been with the brewery for a little over a year, she said she loves what she does.

"I check that the beer is microbial sound. I also run the tasting panel here that we do three times a week to make sure that our beer is consistent and the quality is there," Umrigar said.

The brewery landed in East Downtown seven years ago and has been growing ever since. They hope to someday sell their craft brews to other areas of Texas and hopefully out of state.

"To be part of something on the ground floor and help it grow to where it is today, it's really nice to see those things come to life," Davies said.

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