10 most annoying people at the beach

Beach days can be the best. You can swim, grab some Vitamin D and most importantly relax, but unfortunately your fellow beachgoers can get in the way of that last part.

Texans don't need to wait for summer to go to the beach, but in honor of the season Expedia has released their annual Flip Flop Report. It's a global exposé on beach attitudes, behaviors, and bucket lists.

They polled people about what makes a beach day go from "just beachy" to "a real beach."

According to this year's report, the most annoying beach behaviors for Americans are:

  1. The Slob - 65 percent
  2. "Don't Mess with Texas" doesn't stop at the highway. The biggest way to ruin your fellow beachgoers' day and the beach itself is to litter.

  3. The Inattentive Parent - 52 percent
  4. We know mom and dad want to enjoy the beach too, but a lifeguard is not a babysitter. It's still up to you to make sure your child behaves and also doesn't drown.

  5. The Sand-flinger - 49 percent
  6. The worst part about the beach is the sand getting everywhere. Just ask Anakin Skywalker. We're already going to find it in our cars, hair and shoes for the next few days. Don't make it worse.

  7. The Boozer - 49 percent
  8. Sure you know your limit when you're at home or a bar, but don't underestimate how much the sun will dehydrate you. If you're not at the Jersey Shore, no one wants you stumbling around, fist pumping and asking "Where's the beach?"

  9. The DJ - 45 percent
  10. You may have rocked the aux cord or more likely Bluetooth on your way down here, but no one has hired you to be a DJ.

  11. The Encroacher - 45 percent
  12. Just like you don't sit right next to someone at the movies, you don't need to lay your towel down right next to someone else. You're half naked, probably sweaty and unless someone has an emotional attachment to you, they don't want to be that close.

  13. The Loud Mouth - 39 percent
  14. Social media exists for you to brag or complain to people you don't know. People at the beach don't need to hear how rude your waiter was last night. You may be outside, but use your inside voice unless you see a shark.

  15. The Paparazzi - 38 percent
  16. We know you want to be an Instagram model. A life of selling Sugar Bears online sounds great, but the beach isn't your runway even if it's your "aesthetic."

  17. The Fisherman - 36 percent
  18. There are so many places to throw your sharp hooks in the water. Around where people are swimming isn't one of them.

  19. The Ogler - 34 percent
  20. Yes, people are going to be walking around half-naked. That doesn't mean you can stare and objectify them. They're trying to enjoy a nice wholesome day at the beach and you should do the same.

Did your pet peeve make the list? We're surprised The Seagull Feeder isn't on here.

All of these annoying traits can be fixed by one principle, respect. Respect the beach, your fellow beachgoers and yourself.

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