Celebrating Pride: The Next Generation Project on a mission to save black trans lives

HOUSTON, TX -- The Next Generation Project is for the next generation, by the next generation.

The organization hopes to raise awareness for the intersectionality between the Black transgender community and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Co-founder and actress Sis said, "I think people have feared the queer community, especially Black queer folk for so long, and not understood us and cast us out. It's time to bring us up to the mainstream and show that all it is, is an identity. People should not be shamed for living their truths and being themselves."

The Next Generation Project is raising money for mental health and self-care resources for the transgender community by selling Black Trans Lives Matter t-shirts. They come in multiple colors and cost $28.69 each.

Sis said, "Communication is key. But education is key. I think this is a matter that people do not know about and we need to get the message out. This is dire."

The project has generated a lot of attention and support since it started.

On July 15, "Hamilton's" Lin-Manuel Miranda shared a photo of himself wearing one of the shirts.

"Thank you for all you do," he wrote on Twitter.

If you would like to learn more about The Next Generation Project, check them out on Instagram.