Season 2 of 'Single Drunk Female' finds the funny in recovery

BySandy Kenyon OTRC logo
Thursday, April 13, 2023
Season 2 of 'Single Drunk Female' finds the funny in recovery
ABC Freeform's "Single Drunk Female" is about one woman's struggle to stay sober and season 2 will stream on Hulu.

NEW YORK -- One of the most popular shows on ABC's Freeform channel is returning for a second season and all 10 of the new episodes will stream on Hulu, starting Thursday, April 13.

The series is called, "Single Drunk Female," but it's actually about one woman's struggle to stay sober.

The idea is to find the funny in recovery and to get you to laugh at the very serious fact that alcoholics must stay sober to stay alive.

Entertainment Reporter Sandy Kenyon said there will times you'll want to laugh to keep from crying, but this subject has never been more entertaining on TV.

"It's the first time I felt like celebrating my existence since I was 11," says Sam, played by Sofia Black D'Elia, as she gets ready to celebrate her 29th birthday with friends.

One pal tells her, "if you make sobriety your number one priority everything's gonna fall into place."

She has been sober for a year and a half.

"It's a very truthful and specific story," the star said at the Manhattan premiere to mark the debut of season two. "And I think any time that you can do that, it's probably gonna ring truer for a lot of other people."

D'Elia added that she hears from fans of the show who are sober for real, "so someone will shout at me, you know, 'I have 3 years' or 'I have 7 days' or 'I have 7 months,' and they share how much time they've, they've got sober."

The series is a mix of drama and comedy created by Simone Finch, who got sober many years ago and mined that experience and her own family drama to find the truth.

"Young women are alcoholics too, and we're also: we're not just bums. We are at your job. We are at every kind of job: every class, every race, every gender, every sexuality," Finch said.

When asked how she found the humor in all of this, she replied that if you don't learn to laugh, you're not going to stay sober.

Garrick Bernard's character, James, represents those who struggle with staying sober start drinking again.

"This show does a really good job of balancing the light and the darkness of getting clean and sober and then also sometimes relapsing," Bernard said.

Despite this drama, the struggle can also be really, really hilarious said Executive Producer Daisy Gardner, "and we want to find those moments that are so tough to get through and there's one ridiculous thing that happens and you're laughing."

Season two of "Single Drunk Female" delves deeper into the relationship between Sam and her mother, played by Ally Sheedy.

"My character is a codependent, my character is a mom that thinks the problem in her life is her daughter's drinking and then her daughter stops drinking, and then we find out she's got a few more problems than that," she said.

In this series the Serenity Prayer comes to life. Sam must, "find courage to accept the things she cannot change, find courage to change the things she can, and the wisdom to know that difference."

"Single Drunk Female" is on Freeform and streams on Hulu. Both are owned by the same parent company as this station.