Video: SoCal family's dog wants to go play with mama bear, cubs in backyard staff via KABC logo
Tuesday, August 10, 2021
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A Sierra Madre family's dog rang a bell repeatedly because she wanted to go out and play with a mama bear and two cubs swimming in the backyard.

SIERRA MADRE, Calif. -- A Los Angeles County family's dog was quite excited when some furry visitors showed up to take a dip in the backyard pool.

Daisy is trained to ring a bell on the floor whenever she wants to go out into the backyard.

When a mama bear and two cubs showed up to swim and play, Daisy got excited, ringing the bell repeatedly as she watched the trio through the door glass.

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"So we bell-trained our dog," Tiffany Kress says in the video posted to Instagram. "But I don't think she can go out right now."

Instead, the family and Daisy all watched from safely behind the glass door as the mama and cubs played in the water for a while, then left the yard without further incident.

The video was recorded in July. Kress says bear sightings in the area have become more common - almost daily - since the Bobcat Fire in September 2020. But this is the first time she's seen them climb over the wall and swim in her pool.