Woman takes furniture delivery fight to ABC-13

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A family in Humble is tired of the waiting game. They bought furniture months ago and it's still not in their home.

The family bought nearly $5,000 in furniture back in November, it's still not delivered and now they just want refund.

The only thing Takenya Hall has to show for her furniture purchase is the receipt. She paid for the furniture back in November. Hall says she was promised the items would arrive well before now.

"I believed what was promised was four to six weeks," said Hall.

Hall bought a complete bedroom set from Casual Rooms for $4,700. Hall says after the first six weeks went by her husband started calling the store.

"Still a month rolled by, nothing, another month rolled by and I am asking my husband, ok, we are still sleeping on the same stuff which I am not comfortable with," said Hall.

After months of waiting the Hall's asked for a refund.

"He was like, I don't have checks or cash in the store," said Hall.

So we called the store to find out what's happening with the missing mattresses and and bed frames. The manager said the trouble can be traced to the recent work slowdown at the Port of Long Beach in California. The manager also apologized for the delay and is willing to discount the items once they arrive from China.

There is no doubt the port problem is delaying shipments across the nation, so before you buy furniture, Monica Russo with the Houston BBB has this advice.

"You really want to try to avoid paying cash unless you are leaving with the furniture in hand that day. It is really best to pay with a credit card, you just have more recourse in the event something goes wrong, you want to return the furniture or if you have a problem with the business," said Russo.

The work slow down at the port in Long Beach is now over, but there is a huge backlog of containers and it will be months before that's back to normal.

Keep that in mind if you are buying furniture, ask them if the items in stock before you pay for anything.
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