Top picks for cash-back credit cards

Cash back credit cards are very popular. Let's face it, you might as well earn something for all your spending. So which one might the best for you?

First, you need to ask yourself are you a 'set it and forget it' type or are you willing to do a little extra work for more cash rewards?

For consumers who don't want to chase rewards, Matt Schulz with says consider the Citi Double Cash Card because it gives you two percent cash back. He says you get one percent when you buy, and one percent when you pay your bill.

For those consumers who don't mind when rewards rotate to get the most cash rewards, Schulz says the Discover It card is a good choice. You can earn up five percent cash back in categories that change each quarter, plus one percent cash back on all other purchases.

For those people who are all about miles and points, Schulz likes the Chase Saphire Preferred Card.

Schulz says it gives you a big sign-up bonus, and the points are versatile meaning you can transfer those points to hotel chains and airlines.

Let's say you have 40,000 points. Those points can be transferred to Southwest Airlines, for example, and turned into 40,000 Southwest miles.
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