New app saves you money at the pump and in restaurants

As gas prices are on the rise throughout Texas, a new gas app just launched in Houston that can save you up to a quarter per gallon at the pump and in restaurants.

The GetUpside app helps you save money throughout your daily lives.

"In the Houston area we have over 500 gas stations and 200 restaurants in the app," said Wayne Lin, Chief Operating Officer of GetUpside. "When you open the app it's pretty simple to use. Go through the different offers all around you - see something you want - claim the offer."

You have just four hours to use the offer from the time you claim it.

"Getting reimbursed is really easy. You just submit the receipt. When the receipt gets to us we take about 12 to 24 hours to process it and you earn cash back," said Lin.

My photographer, Jesus Amaya introduced me to the app. After two trips to the tank, he has nearly $5.

"Whenever you want to cash out, you can get payment either on gift cards, PayPal account or a check by mail," said Amaya.

Now, there was one major difference we noticed at the pump.

After downloading the app for the first time, I'm saving 20 cents more than what he's saving. After having the app for two weeks, we wanted to find out what's really going on.

"Between you and your photographer, you might have different offers because he may have been to that station more times than you. That may have been the first time you've been to that gas station and you see businesses doing this today in the online world," said Lin.

So far, feedback has been great.

"I think it's great way to save money. I'll always have some money on here to go out to eat or cash out or do something else with it," said Amaya.

On Facebook, Melissa tells me she's been using the app and has already has $20 saved up.

Although the app is free, if you decide to cash out before you save $15, you will be charged a one dollar processing fee. If you wait, you won't be charged anything at all.
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