Thieves pose as customers, steal $1K worth of luxury hair in north Houston, shop manager says

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Thursday, October 27, 2022
Video shows thieves stealing $1K worth of luxury hair in north Houston
She's Happy Hair, a luxury hair extension store in north Houston, was robbed of $1,000 worth of bundles by two suspects posing as customers.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A luxury hair extension company in north Houston was robbed by a man and woman posing as customers.

The theft happened on Tuesday afternoon at She's Happy Hair along the North Freeway.

Anita Bates, chief operating officer for the luxury hair store, said the suspects asked for a specific type of 40-inch extensions.

"Once the sales consultant pulled the hair out onto the counter, the female left out of the store, but the male stayed behind as if he was going to make the purchase. As she was ringing him up, he snatched close to $1,000 worth of hair, and went out the store," Bates said.

The man was caught on camera grabbing the bundles. When security tried to stop him, he said he had a gun and would hurt the loss prevention officer if he got involved.

Bates believes this was a planned heist.

"They came in on Friday. They came in last Friday, kind of scoped everything out and then came back. It's almost like this is something that they do. We just want to make sure they don't come back to our six other locations."

With the holidays around the corner and thieves becoming more brazen, She's Happy Hair wants to make sure this pair is caught, so they can't victimize anyone else.

A report has been filed with the Harris County Sheriff's Office, but hopefully the public can help too.

"We have cameras outside. We have cameras inside. So, we have a description of the car, a clear description of the people that came in, and so, somebody will know who they are," Bates said.

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