Gov. Greg Abbott talks storm prep amid tornadoes touching ground

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Tuesday, March 22, 2022
Gov. Greg Abbott talks storm prep amid tornadoes touching ground
"No one is going to die," Gov. Greg Abbott talks Texas storm preparations amid severe weather warnings.

TEXAS (KTRK) -- A string of tornadoes touched down across southeast Texas on Monday.

Storm tracker, Bob Pack, caught a tornado touching ground near Elgin, outside of Austin.

"Folks I'm right here on 290 outside of Elgin. A tornado in progress right here," said Pack in the video.

No injuries were immediately reported. There were reports of structural damage.

The city of Jacksboro says there is a lot of damage, including major damage to the local high school. The National Weather Service in Fort Worth reported damage to homes in the area.

Another video captured by a driver in Williamson County shows a tornado north of Austin left damage behind.

You can see a camera took a direct hit that's mounted on top of a resort in Round Rock. The tornado gets closer and closer to the camera, before winds rip it from its mount and leave it dangling high above the roof of the resort.

The tornadoes were spawned by the same storm system that brings severe weather into southeast Texas.

Overturned cargo trucks, blown out car windows and damaged buildings mark this storm's path.

Governor Greg Abbott spoke to Texans affected by Monday's storms.

"Many of our fellow Texans are facing the same challenge as we speak right now. I want everybody across this entire state who's going through this to know the state of Texas is going to be with you every step of the way," said Abbott.

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