Sen. Ted Cruz skirts ABC13's question about private airport screenings for lawmakers

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Tuesday, February 6, 2024
Sen. Cruz skirts ABC13 question about private airport screenings
Sen. Ted Cruz cut a media availability short after ABC13 asked the Houston resident to address proposing private screenings for other lawmakers.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, is asking for certain elected officials to receive private screenings and security escorts in airports.

It's a hot topic, especially given the senator's infamous trip to Cancun three years ago during Texas' deadly winter freeze.

But, when ABC13's Pooja Lodhia met the senator at an event he attended in River Oaks on Monday and asked for details about his proposal, he didn't want to discuss it.

"Do you often feel threatened at airports? Is this necessary?" Lodhia asked. "Also, is this the best look, given the uproar around that Cancun trip back in 2021?"

"You know, look, c'mon, do better. The people of Texas care about jobs. We care about security. Asking political questions, you can do better. We just had a meeting with business leaders throughout Texas, and what are they focused on? They're focused on jobs and economic opportunity here in Texas. [...] Now, your substantive question, listen there are growing threats against public officials, against Supreme Court judges, against judges, against cabinet members, against members of Congress, and I think it makes sense to do reasonable measures to protect and keep people safe, and it is the sad reality that we are under a much more violent society where people are engaging in those threats. So, I would encourage you, focus on the substantive issues that matter to the voters, and not just political shots," he said.

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The media availability was then cut off early.

Lodhia informed Cruz's press team that she would ask about the airport security proposal before the availability and was encouraged to ask questions about it.

Cruz is asking for security escorts and private airport screenings for congress members, federal judges, and cabinet members.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the senator claims the proposed draft amendment, which, if it goes through, will be attached to an otherwise unrelated aviation bill, is all about addressing a growing number of serious security threats at airports.

She claims the amendment wouldn't hide these VIPs or separate them from the public in any way.

Eyewitness News repeatedly asked Cruz's team how the extra security would be funded. ABC13 has yet to receive a response.

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