Laid-off during the pandemic? These employers are looking for seasonal workers

Monday, October 5, 2020
Employers looking for seasonal workers amid pandemic layoffs
Watch life coach Lisa Reyna share some tips on how landing the perfect seasonal job could set you up for full-time employment.

Although the pandemic is responsible for leaving thousands of Americans without work, big companies like Best Buy, Walmart and UPS said they're looking to fill seasonal positions needed to help support the new approach to holiday shopping.

The key is to go above and beyond during the seasonal period in hopes to turn your temporary placement into a stable, full-time position.

Expert and life coach Lisa Reyna said knowing your strengths, your career values, and what you are passionate about is a huge part of the application process.

She said too many people are submitting their resume on every application they see, but it's necessary to take time and decide what job you think you would become most successful at.

Reyna also said even if the application hasn't opened, you can start grooming yourself for the job now. Free certificates and free online trainings may boost your resume and help you stand out.

"There are scanners out there. The resume will never even arrive to the HR recruiter if the resume does not align in some way with the job and responsibilities. That's why I say, if there are missing skill sets or if there is some training that you can do, do it!," she said.

She said ask powerful questions right away, like what other opportunities there are at the company.

"The worst thing that can happen is that they say no, but also there's a possibility of the yes. So, really going from a perspective of what's possible and asking, just asking what options, what opportunities are available," she said.

And if you get the seasonal job, experts suggest treating the position like an extended interview. Continue to go the extra mile and remember you're not competing with the current employees. Be friendly, and do things that will leave a lasting impression on your co-workers.

Last, but not least, remember to make your intentions known with your boss and tell them your goal is a full-time position.

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