How to save money on car repairs

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Monday, December 7, 2020
How to save money on car repairs
Stop paying extra for car repairs! Action13 found a way to save you some money.

Car repairs can get very expensive, but sometimes the parts you need to replace can be found online for a lot less.

Most of us take our vehicles to an auto repair shop we trust and pay whatever they charge, but Action 13 found a way to save money. has millions of parts for sale in their warehouse and can ship them to you for less than the price some places charge for the exact same part.

Action 13's Jeff Ehling found a cabin air filter for his Honda Accord on for about $20, whereas a dealership would have charged him around $50.

For those who don't know how to replace a cabin air filter, there are step-by-step tutorials online.

You also buy the car part online and take it to a shop and get it replaced there.

"Your local mechanic might charge you a service fee to bring your own part, but the beauty of online is most of the time, the cost you pay for the part could be less than your local mechanic's actual cost," said David Morris of Carparts.

Exterior parts can also be found for sale on

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