Santa tells ABC13 what it's like having his job

Wednesday, December 23, 2020
Santa Claus tells ABC13 what it's like having his job
ABC13 wants to share a precious Santa Claus moment from 38 years ago with you!

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- ABC13 wants to take you back 38 years to a sweet holiday moment with the help of our archives.

The year is 1982 and Santa, also known as John Russo, is greeting hundreds of kids at a Houston mall. On that day, Santa told us about some of the hazards of his job.

"You've got to watch your knees because baby shoes are very hard, and when the parents put the kids down that don't want to come down, they're kicking," he said.

So, the first thing Santa said he does is cover his knees because he's been hit too many times before.

When asked if his knees ever got wet, Santa said yes.

"I had to go change my pants the other day when the baby left," he said.

But, Santa also said he wouldn't trade his job for anything. Thirty-eight years later and Santa hasn't changed a bit.

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