Sandra Bland hearing: Texas authorities dispute withholding newly released cell phone video

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Friday, May 24, 2019
Texas authorities and lawmakers get into heated exchange over new Sandra Bland video
Texas authorities and lawmakers get into heated exchange over new Sandra Bland video

AUSTIN, Texas -- Texas authorities are disputing accusations of withholding evidence in a heated exchange with lawmakers over why cellphone video of Sandra Bland's 2015 traffic stop never publicly surfaced until now.

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Bland's mother, Geneva Reed-Veal, attended the hearing Friday at the Texas Capitol. Her 28-year-old daughter was found hanging in a jail cell near Houston three days after being stopped for not signaling a lane change.

Bland, who was black, recorded a 39-second cellphone video during the stop as a white state trooper pointed a stun gun and ordered her out of the car.

The footage never publicly surfaced until this month. Democratic state Rep. Garnet Coleman scolded state officials and said the clip shows that the trooper had no reason to fear for his life.

Rep. Coleman questioned DPS as to why the video wasn't previously released to the public or at least to him.

DPS director Steve McCraw repeatedly stated that they provided a "Ranger Report" that mentioned the video and that it was turned over to counsel for the Bland family and Representative Coleman.

McCraw insists the disk was a "data dump" that couldn't be easily searched.

Coleman is again requesting all documents and video in the case from DPS and the attorney general's office.

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