Cleveland man charged with kidnapping, assaulting woman

ByCleveland Advocate
Saturday, April 4, 2015
(Cleveland Advocate)

SAN JACINTO COUNTY, TX -- A 33-year-old Cleveland man is in the San Jacinto County Jail. Buck Caples was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, family violence and aggravated kidnapping. Caples was arrested on Friday stemming from an alleged incident that began just after noon.

The San Jacinto County Sheriff's Office received a call from the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office advising of an investigation into a reported assault and possible kidnapping that occurred in San Jacinto County.

SJCSO Deputy J. Jumper met with a deputy from the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office at the Chevron station located at Fostoria Road and US 105 in Montgomery County. Jumper was advised that MCSO had received a call from a female who complained that she had been held against her will and beaten severely over the past three days by Caples.

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