Feeling cold? Let these corgis on the beach warm you up

SAN FRANCISCO, California (KTRK) -- A lot of us along coastal Texas experienced a rare winter weather event to start the weekend.

Once all the snow is gone, though, we're just left with the bitter cold, and with each shiver of the body, we're just wanting more of the summer.

While that's a handful of months away, you can think warm thoughts watching these corgis have a beach day.

The furry stompers are part of the nationally known Corgi Con beach day that happens twice a year at Ocean Beach in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Starting from a small gathering of the "Queen's breed," the gathering has now drawn hundreds of corgis and their owners.

The dogs wear costumes, chase each other, meet other pups, and get all of the pets from human visitors.

It's an event known across the country, and it is the basis of a handful of regional events with other corgi clubs.

Find more on these hot dogs at Corgi Con.

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