Texas restaurant installs entryway that will spray you with disinfectant

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Sunday, July 19, 2020
Texas restaurant installs 'disinfecting portal' for guests
The owners of Alamo Biscuit Co. are offering an extra precautionary step against COVID-19. Watch the video above to see if it's something you would walk through.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (KTRK) -- A restaurant in San Antonio has introduced a unique way to fight COVID-19.

Upon entry to the Alamo Biscuit Co., customers must walk through a disinfecting portal where a quick mist is sprayed onto the restaurant guests.

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"It's a sanitation station, basically," said John Vale, who owns both the restaurant and Sanitizer 2 You, the company that makes the disinfecting portal.

Vale said the mist is chlorine-based and skin-safe and kills 99.7 percent of germs. He said initial feedback has been positive.

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"So far, they are liking it. We have customers that are using it as they come in, and then they use it as they go out," Vale said. "And of course, it's optional. We don't require our customers to use the portal. It's up to them, completely up to them."

With an added layer of protection, customers inside the breakfast spot can enjoy brisket, bacon and, of course, biscuits.