After year-long wait Sammy Hagar takes home $1.3 million custom Ferrari

MILL VALLEY, CA -- Legendary rocker Sammy Hagar just got the keys to a limited-edition Ferrari.

Hagar was ecstatic Wednesday to pick up his 2015 LaFerrari from Mill Valley.

Only 499 of them are made every 10 years. The price tag is $1.3 million.

This year's edition has a 949-horsepower gas-electric engine. Hagar has owned 25 Ferraris, but starting this one up took his breath away.

"Sitting in it intimidates me. This car scared me. When I started this car, you probably couldn't see, but I got goose bumps on my arms," Hagar said.

Each La-Ferrari supercar is custom-made. The driver's seat is molded to Hagar's body.

Hagar lobbied for a year to get one. It was so difficult that he is making a film of his ordeal.
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