More restaurants temporarily close as coronavirus cases increase

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Some popular restaurants are temporarily closing after some of their employees were exposed to the virus.

El Bolillo Bakery, on the city's north side, is closed through Thursday. They posted a sign on their door saying they were shutting down after a few employees were exposed to the virus. They'll be re-testing them, as well as re-sanitizing their shop on Airline Road.

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"I think what started this is the fact they (government officials) said you can now go out and people were anxious to get out, I was anxious to get out," said Alice Teter, a customer.

Taste of Texas in Memorial City is also closed. They, too, posted a sign on their door saying an employee tested positive for coronavirus.

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"The virus doesn't differentiate between the high end place or low end place. It goes where it can," said Matt Stevens, a customer.

The number of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations have continue to rise as Texas reopens businesses.

"If somebody wants to go to a restaurant, I would think carefully about the circumstances under which they're going to have the experience," said Dr. Prathit Kulkarni with Baylor College of Medicine.

Doctors said the virus is still spreading. They add it's important to continue to wear a mask, practice good hygiene, maintain social distance and avoid large crowds.

"We don't want to ease up too soon because we may end up going backward, which we want to avoid," said Kulkarni.

Kulkarni expects more places could close as cases go up.

"We have to be more careful and take step by step reopening and be safe not only for ourselves but society at large," said Stevens.

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