How many hours of work needed to live in Houston

'Ain't nothing going on but the rent' is more than just a Gwen Guthrie song, especially for Houstonians and other large city residents.

Financial website Smart Asset collected data from the U.S. Census Bureau's Five-Year American Community Survey, and from it, revealed how many hours on average Houston residents have to work just to keep the rent paid.

Based on the average income of those employed in Houston and the city's median rent of about $873, workers have to put in a minimum of approximately 63 hours a month to stay current on their lease.

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Compared to 14 other large cities across the country that were included in the study, Houston ranked ninth for its work hours to rent ratio.

Los Angeles rakes in the same average income as Houston --a little less than $14 per hour, but the city's rent is $350 more, obligating its workers to put in almost 88 hours a month to maintain a roof over their heads.

These figures are what 'La La Land-ed' its number one ranking. Another expensive California city, San Jose, came in a close second with 84 work hours per month followed by New York in third place.

The 'Big Apple' residents pull in about $15.74 an hour, but still have to spend nearly 80 hours a month to afford their $1,255 rent payments.

Our Austin neighbors are winning with an income average of $17.52 per hour, rent payments of only $1,047, and a little more than 59 work hours per month.

Maybe that's where they find the time to keep Austin weird.

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