Roads and businesses affected as heavy rains pour down across the city

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Timelapse photographs showed dark clouds rumbling in as wind, lightning, thunder and buckets of rain pouring down across town Sunday.

In West University on Stella Link near Rice, drivers slowed down to travel through rising water. Traveling around town was difficult for several hours as intersections flooded and water pooled at the side of the streets.

On Almeda near Wheeler, high-water forced drivers in lower profile cars to turn around. Others plowed through in trucks and SUVs near Peggy Park.

Business owners had to grab their outdoor displays to keep them dry, delaying Sunday afternoon business for a while.

A boutique business owner by the name of Alecia said, "This is the first time we're here that it's flooded so much."

"A lot of people came through here and some stop. One side of our tent got messed up but we have it back up," she added as she watched people turn around near the high water.

The water in front of Alecia's shop on Almeda cleared shortly after and they were able to put their clothing back outside.

The road conditions improved and skies cleared by dinner, but a few flooded cars could be seen left along the side of streets from the afternoon downpour.

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