Indiana woman starts 'rage therapy,' object-destroying business after challenging 2020

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Sunday, January 3, 2021
Woman starts 'rage therapy' business after rough 2020
An entrepreneurial Indiana woman has started a 'rage therapy' glass object-destroying business that is catching fire after a challenging pandemic year.

WARSAW, Ind. -- An Indiana entrepreneur says her new business is helping folks get the therapy they need this winter after a tough 2020.

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The company is called Rage Therapy, and Ashley Finney is behind the idea of allowing customers take a baseball bat to breakable objects.

The objective, she says, is for customers to release all that pent-up frustration from the pandemic and a rough year.

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Finney's concept came to be after the local glass recycler stopped taking glass, as it was too heavy for them to transport to their facilities.

Consequently, she turned glass bottles into targets for destruction and a source of profit.