Home hacks: 6 ways to use PVC pipe that you may not have known about

You may have some PVC pipe somewhere in your home, so here are six things you never knew you could do with it.

For women who want to keep all of their curling irons organized, make holders out of the PVC pipe.

Do you work in the garden a lot? Use the piping as a shovel handle.

Here's another tip. Put in a fake PVC pipe with a cleanout plug. Unscrew the plug and you can hide your valuables inside.

Using the pipes as drill holders is perfect for your work bench in the garage. You can use the tubes to organize drills and accessories.

Art room containers in a kids' play room is another option. The pipes can hold paint brushes, markers and pencils.

We all have plastic grocery bags we reuse. You can use PVC pipe as a dispenser. Just stuff the bags into it and pull out through the bottom.
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