HPD officer says this is where you should put your purse while pumping gas

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Thursday, May 6, 2021
Pumping your gas, ladies? The best place to put your purse
Do you know how to protect yourself from purse thieves at the gas station? Here are three tips to know.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Slider thieves are on the prowl more, and Houston police don't want you to be the next victim.

Slider crimes occur when someone quickly slips into the victim's vehicle and takes their valuables.

ABC13 went to a local gas station with an HPD lieutenant to get tips to keep you safe.

Lt. T. R. Jefferson said these crimes can happen in a matter of minutes. While Interviewing Lt. Jefferson, ABC13 came upon Cheryl Jones. Jones was hit by sliders in 2007.

"I was at an Exxon on I-10 in another intersection," said Jones. "I had to stop for gas and pump my gas and didn't realize my purse had been taken while I was pumping gas."

Jones admits she's gotten more relaxed at the gas pump since that happened 14 years ago.

Jefferson spotted Jones and offered her the same advice she's giving all of us. The veteran police officer doesn't recommend a purse, but said If you must have one, carry a small purse, and it may surprise you where she says you should put it

"Make sure if you have a purse, it's on your person. If you have a strap, bring the purse to the center of your chest so all eyes are on your purse. It's not behind you, which gives access to other types of criminals," said Jefferson.

Next, she said before getting out of your car, drive around the pump.

"It's so that you know whether or not someone is on the opposite side hiding and or sitting down. Crouching down waiting for an opportunity," said Jefferson.

Lastly, she certainly suggests locking your doors, but asks, when you hit unlock, do all 4 doors open at one time?

"That means the criminals have access to all of your doors," said Jefferson. "So a distraction can take you away from actually protecting any of the items inside your vehicle."

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