Professor holds student's baby so she can review before test

HOUSTON, Texas -- Barbie Hicks teaches math by day at Angleton High School and is a college professor by night at San Jacinto College.

She knows all too well how to juggle multiple challenges.

When math student Haley Yates showed up to class with her little girl, it may have been instinct that led to Hicks taking action.

"It was really nice of her to grab the baby and help me out a little bit," Yates said.

A post on Yates' Twitter account is making the rounds, as she explained how the heart-tugging image of Hicks holding Alayia,

"After getting off a 10 hour shift and picking her up, I had to go straight to class 45 minutes late because class starts exactly the time I get off. My professor took her from my hands and taught class so I would be able to review before our test. I'm forever grateful," she wrote.

"She just stepped up when someone needed help," Yates said.

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"She knows what it's like to not have a babysitter in a time of need," Hicks' daughter told Eyewitness News. "I don't know how she did it, but she managed to make her dreams come true and now, here she is trying to make other people's dreams come true."

As for little Alayia McCoy, she was content playing with our ABC13 mic flag while we interviewed her mother, who's working toward an associates degree and hopes to become a registered nurse.