Texas lawmaker wants to end Daylight Saving Time

AUSTIN, Texas (KTRK) -- "Springing forward" and "falling back" to the hourly change of Daylight Saving Time could be a thing of the past in Texas if one lawmaker gets his way.

State Rep. Dan Flynn of Van filed H.B. 95, exempting Texas from the seasonal chains of DST.

If passed and signed by the governor, it would take effect Nov. 5.

It's not the first time the idea has been brought up. Another bill was proposed by Sen. Jose Menendez.

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And it's not the first time the idea has been filed by Flynn. He proposed H.B. 150 last year that didn't have much success, though was debated in a House committee.

Similar measures have been considered in other states, though little saw success. Hawaii and most of Arizona currently are the only states that don't observe the practice.

President Johnson signed Daylight Saving Time into law in Texas in 1966, asking Americans to spring forward or turn their clocks an hour ahead from spring until fall.

The move was meant to save energy at a time of rising oil prices, but many studies have shown that DST has very little effect on saving energy and actually leads to an increase in car and workplace accidents and even suicides and headaches in the weeks after we spring forward. null
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