Nearly 600 city employees make $100,000 or more

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Working for the city of Houston can be a great gig - 597 people who work for the city make $100,000 or more, according to data provided by the city for the beginning of this fiscal year.

That information is all public under state law since you, the taxpayer, are responsible for paying those employee's salaries.

*Employee no longer with the city

The city has nearly 23,000 people on its employee roster. The lowest salary on the roster is $24,960 for semi-skilled laborers, custodians, a recreation assistant and a car attendant.

Three people take home the title for highest paid city employee, along with their $275,000 salaries. The city's aviation director, public works director and city attorney top the list.

Physician director is at spot number four, making $252,764.

The mayor is the sixth highest paid employee, making $236,189 each year.

The average salary is $55,058.

For the 15,937 men on staff, the average salary is $56,814.

For the 6,836 women, the average is $51,021.
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