ONLY ON 13: Family 'hurting' after police chase leaves 16-year-old on life support, 2 others hurt

Police said the suspects ran a red light and refused to pull over before slamming into a car, leaving three innocent people hurt.

Saturday, July 29, 2023
3 hospitalized after chase suspects crash into them in N. Houston: HPD
Three people were badly hurt when a police chase ended in a crash in north Houston. Officers said they weren't even the ones being chased.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Three people are in the hospital, including one on life support, after a police chase ended in a crash at Ella Boulevard and Rankin Road in north Houston.

Humble police said a driver refused to pull over, then slammed into a car that just happened to be traveling through the intersection.

Police said officers initiated the pursuit early Friday morning after the driver refused to pull over for an expired registration and unconfirmed insurance.

Houston police joined to assist at about 2:50 a.m. as the chase headed into the city, officials said.

Police said the suspects ran a red light and crashed into a Toyota that was traveling through the intersection. There were three people inside the Toyota, police said.

Family has identified them as 29-year-old Roy Burks, 14-year-old Khamani Thompson, and 16-year-old Kendrevion Harris.

Burks was driving while working for DoorDash with his cousin, Thompson, in the backseat, and Harris, in the passenger seat.

"I'm still in shock. I'm hurting. I'm crying, but I just thank God I still have my son," Burks' mother, Toisa Nephew, said. "Even if I don't have my car, I still have my son, and God is on my side no matter what, and He's looking at me."

Burks remains in the hospital with broken ribs.

Harris had to be taken to the hospital by helicopter. He remains on life support.

According to her mother, Thompson has already been through multiple surgeries and is now being transferred to Texas Children's Hospital.

A woman who was inside a nearby gas station when the crash happened said she heard a loud boom, ran outside, and saw the suspects trying to run off.

"They were trying to run. I think it was two males -- one with like long hair, the other one had some red shorts. I guess he was trying to jump out through the passenger side, but the cop was able to stop him, and they took him," Benita Castro said.

Humble police said both the chase driver and his passenger were arrested at the scene.

The driver involved in the chase has been charged with evading, felony possession of marijuana, and aggravated assault with serious bodily injury.

His passenger has been charged with public intoxication.