New age recommendations for teens seeking plastic surgery

In an era of selfies and a culture obsessed with social media, a large number of teenagers are undergoing cosmetic procedures.

But despite their growing popularity, little is known about the safety and appropriateness of these procedures in teens.

In a new study, researchers looked at the outcomes for a variety of cosmetic procedures among teens. They then developed a set of recommendations based on the outcomes and their knowledge of when different parts of the body are done developing. They also say parental consent is a must.

Most notable of the recommendations are specific age considerations. Nose jobs, for example, should wait until at least ages 15 to 17 in girls and 16 to 18 in boys. Breast augmentation on the other hand, should not be performed in teens under 18.

In an age where many are willing to go under the knife to look forever young, it appears that certain procedures should be performed only when age-appropriate.
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