Waiting in a long line to vote? This nonprofit will send you free pizza

If you find yourself waiting in a long line to vote, one nonprofit wants to reward you for putting in the time with some free pizza.

Pizza to the Polls is just what it sounds like. When they receive a report of a polling place with a long line, they send a pizza delivery person to that location to pass out slices to anyone they can find: people waiting to vote, their kids, polls workers and more.

The organization, which is funded by donations, has sent more than 1,000 pizzas so far this year, according to their website.

"We usually send cheese and pepperoni although we're trying to branch out and cover gluten-free and vegan pizzas as well," group co-founder Scott Duncom said.

Pizza to the Polls is just one of the groups and individuals Good Morning America found helping to get out the vote on Tuesday.

At Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, nurses Lisa Schavrien and Erin Ainslie Smith are helping women with their absentee ballots in between deliveries.

"Every single patient was beyond thrilled," Schavrien said.

Then there's 11-year-old Jamarcus Hill. A group of filmmakers heard about the young activist's oratory skills and asked him to star in a "Be My Voice" video.

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